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Celebrating the Joy in Everyday Moments

Life is full of reasons to smile, and I'd love to help you capture them so you can remember them for a lifetime.

I've always loved photography and capturing things that made people smile. My earliest memory behind a camera was, ironically, me getting in trouble with my mom for "wasting film and taking too many photos of trees and foliage" during our family trip to Joshua Tree National Park in California. To me, the beauty of the moment was worth remembering, and it ignited my passion for lifestyle photography.

What Is Lifestyle Photography?

Life isn't about planned moments and prompted smiles. Sometimes life is messy and rarely goes according to plan, but that's what makes genuine connections and honest reactions worth it.

Lifestyle photography delivers a delicate balance of real life with gentle posing guidance to capture a moment's authenticity, whether it's a warm embrace or a candid laugh. I'm dedicated to capturing what makes you—YOU!

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The Leap from Corporate Marketing to Lifestyle Photography

For ten years before I opened Kimberly Rensburg Photography, I worked in marketing and sales roles in Chicago, IL. Although my time working in the "corporate world" taught me a lot, something was always missing. I wasn't using my creativity the way I had always hoped.

One day, on a whim, I decided to enroll in a highly recommended introductory class at Richard Stromberg's Chicago Photography Classes, a Chicago photography school. I was hooked immediately and began sponging class after class to soak up all of the knowledge I could. As fate would have it, I would eventually go on to become a visiting portraiture instructor for the school.

However, my life-changing moment came when I photographed a wedding for a dear friend's little sister. Then, when I caught myself smiling ear-to-ear for the entire road trip home from Indiana, I knew I had found my calling.

My Daily Source of Inspiration

I have been lucky to be married to the love of my life, Paul, since 2015. However, we actually have three separate anniversaries because we were married three times!

We were legally married when we eloped at Chicago City Hall in May of 2015. Then, we followed it up with a small wedding (about 50 people) in the Western Cape of South Africa in March 2016. Finally, because not everyone could make it to South Africa, we had a big church wedding celebration in Grosse Pointe, surrounded by our Michigan family, in August 2016.

I adore capturing love stories like ours with couples photography. Your love story should be celebrated through relaxed and fun engagement photos, elopements, and intimate wedding photography.

Our son, Noah, was born in May of 2021 in Chicago before we relocated to metro Detroit, Michigan. We love being parents and are learning more every day! As he grows, I realize more and more the importance of photography throughout the first year. Although the days are long, the years go by unfairly fast. In-home newborn photography and fresh 48 newborn sessions in the hospital are my way of helping time slow down for you, just a little.

Finally, as a photographer in Michigan and business owner, I've witnessed firsthand the need to stand out in the digital world. Personal branding photography and lifestyle product photos allow you to connect with your potential clients on a deeper level. Branding photos give the world a glimpse into the real you, building a level of trust that would otherwise be missing.

My Family

The Story of the King Protea

The flower in my logo is more than just a design— it was drawn based on the South African King Protea flowers we had at our wedding!

My husband, Paul, is a South African with Dutch heritage, which is a big part of our story. Although we both live in the Detroit area full time, we visit my in-laws, who have a working farm and bed & breakfast in the Cape Winelands (and make wine, too!) In addition, the South African King Protea is my favorite flower and the official national flower of South Africa, making it perfect for our floral wedding arrangements. 

more      facts & my core values


Everyone deserves kindness.


We have a pug named Javier, from Mexico City, who is technically our "firstborn."


Pizza, wine & movie nights are the best.


I believe in celebrating and spreading joy whenever I can.


I can’t help but laugh at dad jokes.


I unwind by getting lost in a [non-parenting related] fiction book. 


We are stronger when we inspire, connect and share with each other.


I’m a proud Hufflepuff. 


I have a secret love for classic rock, so listen to 94.7 radio on the way to a session.


Life is as good as the memories we make.


What You Can Expect In Our Session

As a photographer serving Detroit and the surrounding area, my style is authentic and unscripted to create moments you'll cherish forever. Plus, with flexible lifestyle shoots, you'll have the time you need to warm up and get in the groove, feed your little one (or furbaby!) and change outfits.

My philosophy is that anyone can take good pictures, but I like to think I can make you feel confident while doing so. After all, when you feel good inside, it radiates outwardly. So, throughout your session, I'll be your photo cheerleader!

My photos use natural light, creating a bright and airy style that puts your moments front and center. I guide each session by providing fun (and often silly) prompts that evoke a natural response to help you relax. If you're welcoming a newborn with lifestyle newborn photography, are a business owner launching a business with branding photography or need elopement photography in Detroit or beyond, I'd love to help tell your story.

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