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While I was in Paris with my husband Paul in April, I was connected with Dominique and Julien, some beautiful people in need of couples photography for their anniversary! 

Let’s backtrack– why was I in Paris in the first place!? From 2021-2022, my superhero husband Paul had been working on his Executive MBA from Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business. He was working full-time, going to class at nights and on weekends, raising our son Noah, and making us dinner in the evenings! “Superhero” is putting it lightly. 

s a celebratory graduation trip, Paul and his class went to Paris for two weeks in April to meet with different business owners to talk about the importance of global trade relations in business. Naturally, I could not pass up the opportunity to meet him in Paris for the tail end of the trip! We had an incredible long weekend together, and even managed to be baby free (thanks, mom)! 

Dominique and Julien in Paris

Dominique and Julien are such a chic, stunning couple. They rode up on their bikes to meet me at Jardin Ranelagh- so Parisian! Our session was in the breathtaking 16th Arrondissement. 

Dominique is originally from California, and now completely embodies “Bringing Up Bebé” (one of my all-time favorite parenting books)! She met Julien in San Francisco, where they lived before moving back to Julien’s home town of Paris. Could their story get any more romantic? They’ve been together for over seven years and now have two beautiful children. Dominique runs a wonderful blog called Well in France, a merging of her West Coast wellness background with French living.  

During the session, Julien pointed out a puppeteer giving a show for the children that day in the park. It was the same gentleman who did shows when he was a kid! Tradition and heritage are wonderfully maintained by the Parisians. 

I was thrilled to be able to work with Dominique and Julien for their anniversary. They hadn’t had professional photography since their engagement seven years ago! I loved every second of Dominique and Julien’s Parisian session, and I hope to see them in Paris again soon! 

If you’re looking for couples photography, let’s chat! I would be so happy to work with you and capture your unique love. Follow me on Instagram for posts, announcements, and updates!

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